Chain Smoking – r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal, January 2018
Chasing the Other – The Manifest-Station, October 2016
The Light in Me Honors the Light in You – Quail Bell Magazine, September 2016
Four Times More Likely – Hippocampus Magazine, August 2016 (Most Memorable)
Breathe Deep – New South, April 2016
Letter to My Imaginary Children – Scary Mommy, July 2015
Sacked – Full Grown People, March 2015
Tell Us About Yourself – Full Grown People, November 2014

You Should Be Flattered – Thank You For Swallowing, February 2016
One Night – bedfellows, Issue 4
Carriage Release – Ghost Town, Issue 7
Neighbors – Ghost Town, Issue 7
Hide and Seek – Winner, 2014 Sandy Crimmins Poetry Prize (Philadelphia Stories)

Articles & Blog Posts
On Losing My Ability to Read and Write – Brevity Blog, 2/28/18
Conference Talk: The Importance of Student Sharing – Brevity Blog, 8/28/17
“Real” Writers Doing “Real” Work – Writing Life, Hippocampus Magazine, 8/1/17
Finding Your Writing Fix in Online Classes – Brevity Blog, 6/14/17
Post-MFA, Nothing (and Everything) Changes – Brevity Blog, 1/4/17
After Page One: Conferences – Literary Mama, 10/17/16
Why I Write – Fiction Southeast, 1/23/16
After Page One: The Journey – Literary Mama, 12/7/15
Spotlight on Hippocamp 2015 – Fiction Southeast, 8/14/15
Dressed the Skill, Not the Part – HuffPost Blog, 2/24/14
My Big, Fat, Scary, Impossible Purpose – Career Wardrobe Blog

Philadelphia Stories
Portrait of a Closet


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