Nice to meet you.

Today I met with my brilliant friend Quynh-Mai, who consulted me on matters regarding a website.  If anyone could teach me about a savvy online presence, it was her.

Cut to me hyperventilating because of the cost of a domain, and hosting, and backups and security, and coding, not to mention the stress of updates. Lucky for me, she was more intent on helping me than talking me into something way over my head, so here I am, on a delightfully customizable free WordPress site.

“It’s not like this is your career,” she said, when I breathed a sigh of relief. And she was right – writing, at least writing poems and essays and articles, isn’t my career. I have a job, one that takes up 40 (or more) hours of my energy every week, and I love it. And it involves a ton of writing – direct mail copy, web copy, blog posts, lengthy and complicated grant proposals, even Facebook updates. So for right now, while my poems and essays stay in the moonlight, this is where I’ll collect my credits, and build a name. Because let’s face it – at AWP Los Angeles next year, the last thing I want to tell a publisher or editor is, “Look me up on Facebook!”


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